Senior Fellows


Dr. Ama Pokuaa Fenny

Expertise - Healthcare economics & Assessments - Governance for Global Health Security

Ama is a research Fellow at the University of Ghana Institute of Statistical, Social and Economics Research (ISSER). Since 2005, she has worked as a researcher focusing on developmental issues in health economics, health service delivery, social protection systems, regulatory governance and competition. 

Ama has worked as  a Technical Advisor at UNAIDS and has extensive experience in the area of health expenditure assessments. She is a West Africa Global Health Leaders Fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs Centre (Chatham House) on Global Health Security and has over eight years researching on the effects of health financing  reforms on access to healthcare. She is passionate about finding ways to ensure that vulnerable groups have access to healthcare. She was part of a technical team of advisors that used the PEPFAR sustainability index formulation to Track Ghana’s progress towards a sustained response to the HIV.

Ama has a Masters Degree in Health, Population and Society from the London School of Economics & Political Science and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Health Economics from Aarhus University.


Dr. Sara Davies

Expertise -Women, Peace and Security- Governance for Global Health Security

Sara is an internationally recognized  International Relations (IR) scholar with a specific focus on Global Health Governance and the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Sara has  been an Australian Research Council Discovery Australian Postgraduate  Award Scholar (2008-2012) and an Australian Research Council Future  Fellow (2014-2018).  She is an Associate Professor at the School of  Government and International Relations, Griffith University, Australia; and an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Gender Peace and Security  Initiative, School of Social Sciences, Monash University. Sara’s  research career has been devoted to identifying the political  conditions that deny humans access to civil, economic and social human  rights. Her research has focused on situations where humans face immense  vulnerability - disease outbreaks events, gender-based and sexual  violence in conflict, and forced displacement. 

Sara’s contribution to  the International Relations discipline has been to advance feminist  methods to deepen understanding of the conditions that lead to human  insecurity and vulnerability and to understand how non-Western  international institutions and norms, especially in the Indo-Pacific, shape political behaviour. Sarah has authored , co-authored and edited many books. She has received over $2.5 million research funding and has many research publications  in high-ranking journals. She is co-editor of the Australian Journal of International Affairs  and the Global Responsibility to Protect AND serves on the Research  Board for the Australian Institute of International Affairs  (2013-ongoing) and the Executive Board for the Global Health Section,  International Studies Association (2014-ongoing).  


Dr. Simon Rushton

Expertise – Global Politics of Health - Governance for Global Health Security 

Simon  Rushton is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Politics at the  University of Sheffield, UK, and an Associate Fellow at the Centre on Global Health Security at the Royal Institute of International Affairs  (Chatham House) in London. Simon’s research focuses on  the global politics of health and his work has looked in particular at  international responses to HIV/AIDS and other diseases; the links  between health and national security; the changing architecture of  global health governance; and issues surrounding health care delivery in  conflict and other crisis situations. 

Simon has  published numerous journal articles and several books on security and  health-related issues, including ‘Security and Public Health’ (Polity,  2019), ‘The International Politics of Ebola’ (co-edited with Anna  Roemer-Mahler: Routledge, 2017), ‘Disease Diplomacy’ (with Adam  Kamradt-Scott and Sara Davies: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014) and  ‘The Routledge Handbook of Global Health Security (co-edited with  Jeremy Youde: Routledge,  2014).



Aria Ilyad Ahmad

Expertise -Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation- New Technologies for Global Health Security 

Aria  is the Global Health Foresighting Fellow and  past Policy Advisor at the Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health  Research, York University.  He has served as a  consultant to the World Health Organization's Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products, was a  Duke University  Global Health Fellow and is  a faculty member of the  Global Health Education Initiative at the University of Toronto.  He has  testified before the Canadian Senate on Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime, served on the board of directors of  Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, and was the inaugural  Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders Access to Medicines  Fellow in India.  

Aria received his MSc in pharmaceutical policy from the University of Toronto, and is defending his PhD in  global health governance at the Balsillie School of International  Affairs in Waterloo, Canada.


Tino Kreutzer

Expertise - Humanitarian Response & Information - Health Emergency Preparedness & Management  

Tino is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of  humanitarian response and information management. He has more than 10  years’ experience working in the response to humanitarian crises,  natural disasters, and the international Ebola epidemic for the United  Nations and other organizations. Tino currently serves as the Crisis  Informatics Coordinator at NetHope and is a Senior Advisor at the  Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, where he has been instrumental to the  creation of KoBoToolbox, the primary data collection tool in  humanitarian emergencies. 

Tino is currently completing his PhD research which  focuses on pioneering a novel  system for understanding population needs in emergencies through the  innovative use of new technology.