"Through diplomacy, our world will be secure from global health threats..."

Prof. Andrew Defor, Chief Executive Director


Capacity Building

Our Center boasts of globally renowned experts in the field of global health security and diplomacy, who provide high-level “hands-on” global affairs and diplomacy skills training to young graduates, business, health, defence and foreign affairs mid-to- senior level professionals. 


Global Policy Advocacy

Our representatives are well positioned as a source of knowledge, ideas and solutions for global health security. They  provide technical advise to officials from national governments and International organizations at international meetings, global health summits, and global conferences to make global health security an international priority.


Government & Institutional Relations

Our staff build relations with senior officials from governments and the private sector, diplomats, and officials from International Organizations in order to support them in the achievement of their global health security objectives and provide a cordial global environment  that advances global health security. 

Global Engagements


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